Hrish Lotlikar // SUPERWORLD
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Utilizing the metaverse to improve our physical lives

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Our world is full of wonders…

so naturally, we as modern humans strive to experience different cultures and countries – this not only enriches the lives of people as individuals but also unites humanity as a whole. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that stand in the way of exploring our globe. Most of them are artificial barriers in our physical environment, such as national borders or long distances one would have to overcome.


But what if there was a way to travel the world without having to leave the comfort of your own living room? SUPERWORLD is just that: A virtual world, mapped on top of the physical globe. It empowers everyone not only to discover, but also to create, monetize, and own the world around them.

By leveraging the power of the metaverse…

SUPERWORLD allows its users to connect with each other in a virtual environment – across borders, broad distances, and without any restrictions. By combining the concepts of immersive computing, Web 3, and AI, we enable everybody to buy and sell virtual real estate anywhere in the world – there are around 64.8 billion plots, including highly demanded properties and landmarks like the Colosseum in Rome. By purchasing one of those plots of virtual real estate, they act as a non-fungible token (NFT) which is generally sold for 0.1 ETH - although prices vary depending on the popularity of the respective plot.


However, buying and owning real estate is not the only option for interacting with the world and other people in SUPERWORLD: A geo-pinning feature allows every user to place content in any location, which can then be accessed by others. SUPERWORLD enables us to experience our physical world from completely new perspectives by using augmented reality.


Another important aspect of our platform is decentralization – in SUPERWORLD we own the virtual world together and are in an unprecedented position to build it cooperatively. This means that it can be customized to our wishes and desires, which forms a unique concept of community. Together we moderate the content on the platform and set guidelines for living together in SUPERWORLD. Through this decentralized approach, we enable the self-moderation of our world.

Building a life-enhancing, not life-escaping platform…

that is what we strive for at SUPERWORLD. Our mission is to create a virtual world that improves the physical world. We believe that through our platform, we can positively enhance the way people experience their surroundings – by democratizing the metaverse, interacting with others, and sharing information.


To come one step closer to our goal, we are intensively researching solutions in three particular areas: We are currently working on how SUPERWORLD can help make events in the physical world more interactive and how to improve the overall experience of these. Additionally, we are especially interested in integrating physical environments into the virtual world - how can we enable a realistic discovery of physical surroundings in the metaverse? Our third focus is making it as easy as possible for everyone to access the metaverse in the future.

Hi, my name is Hrish Lotlikar…

and I would describe myself as a global nomad. In my life, I’ve been able to live in a different place almost every year and I have made it my goal to make it possible for everyone to experience our planet in the same way.


Today I am co-founder and CEO of SUPERWOLRD, but my professional beginnings were in the areas of investment banking, real estate, and venture capital. However, I quickly turned to new challenges and founded my own company – Rogue Initiative Studios – a Hollywood film, TV, gaming, and immersive entertainment studio. This is where I also learned how to create content that can excite people across different platforms. Then Pokemon Go was released and inspired me to use augmented reality to connect virtual content with our physical world in order to get people excited. A thought became a defined idea and SUPERWORLD was born.


The opportunity to be more global is now at our fingertips, let’s use it.