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Los Angeles
Smart living: Metaverse

The term “new work”...

has accompanied businesses since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to grow in importance. A crucial component of new and flexible forms of work, which are actively demanded by employees, is the possibility to work remotely - resulting in video conferences becoming part of everyday work life. In contrast, zoom fatigue increases: staff feel exhausted, demotivated and employees complain about the lack of social interaction with others.


To enable personnel to work independently of their location, while at the same time keeping them motivated and socially satisfied, companies need to find new ways of working together. Soon, providing creative as well as flexible and interactive models of work will become a significant competitive advantage for businesses in the fight for the brightest minds. is just that: a flexible workplace positioned in the metaverse that can revolutionize the way we work together. The idea is quite simple: is an innovation hub located in the city of Moon Valley – the twist: This city is on the Moon, more precisely a digital copy of the Moon. Why on the Moon? Our founder Marco Carvalho has the answer:” The moon is nobody’s, there’s no nation. So, it’s for everybody”.

Our brain stores information in the form of three-dimensional spaces... 

therefore, it makes sense to transport professional life from two-dimensional screens to a virtual and interactive world. By combining VR with fine-tuned programming, we from were able to establish an experience in the metaverse, similar to the physical world, and open this realm to work and business life.


Although combines a variety of the newest technologies, the concept is simple: Companies rent or buy an office space and work together as a team, in the metaverse. The only difference is that they experience this as their character and not in person. Just as in the “real” world, you must pay for your office space, and just as in the “real” world, you and your coworkers can meet up in a dedicated coffee area. Just as in the “real” world, there is a conference desk in each office. Transporting elements of the “real” world into the metaverse provides more comfort and a point of reference for our users – a feature that sets us apart from our competitors, who often work with complex and abstract models. is a place that belongs to everyone, that everyone understands and where everybody works together.

The possibilities in are endless…

The seamless integration of different kinds of business tools – including YouTube, Microsoft Apps or Google Workspace – results in a wide range of applications for companies: showrooms, offices, virtual events, or employee training. Additionally, is a unique place for artists and content creators: galleries as well as a training center are planned, which will train creators to build and design areas in Therefore, artists and creators can offer their own services, to get in touch with customers and even get paid via the platform. In conclusion, trade does not happen via the metaverse but in the metaverse.


The sense of community the metaverse brings is no longer limited to just gaming. As workplaces evolve, workers will increasingly collaborate, create, and communicate in the metaverse. We at are convinced that the metaverse will help maintain the innately human sense of connection and community that so many of us crave, while enabling the kind of flexibility and balance that we’ve also come to know. 

Hey! I am Marco Carvalho...

I’ve always been a creative thinker and inventor. But what has influenced my work the most are toys and video games. One of my first own companies was called Toys Talk and produced speaking toys, collaborating with well-known brands like the Avengers and Spongebob. This was my first big success, with sales in over 40 countries and well-established distribution partners. Another company of mine, Dino Mundi is, next to headoffice. Space, one of my biggest projects. For more than 14 years, I have been working on how to bring dinosaurs “back to life”, using new technologies like AR and VR. Through Toys Talk and Dino Mundi I had the pleasure to celebrate a lot of successes in my life. At CINEQUEST 2020 I received the award for best VR Roomscale and in 2019 I was CES Innovation honoree.

Besides being the founder of Dino Mundi and, I am also a mentor and international speaker featured at Amazon, Qualcomm, UKTI, Harvard University, and Berkeley University. This allows me to share my enthusiasm for innovative products and experiences with others. Focusing on AR, VR and voice/sound technologies, mentoring gives me a platform to and show ways to use different products in various contexts, such as immersive content, art, games, technology, education, or adventure parks and create exceptional experiences.