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Human expansion: Human memory digital storage

Digital storage of memory – The Future of Remembering

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Human memory is fallible …

Presently, the collective knowledge the world loses every day is the equivalent of losing 700k. In a world with more data than ever, we forget 80% of what we experience within 3 days. Just imagine the lost potential from these memories.


The future of human memory digital storage will be a seamless integration and true representation of every human, enabled by Blockchain, AI and Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR/VR). 

We’re building …

a technology to safe-keep human memories and recall them at will. is a Web3-native platform that enables creators to create, own and monetize their own personal AIs, trained based on their unique memories, knowledge, and experience.


By creating a secure digital memory stack of all their data, creators can take full advantage of the enormous computational power of their personal AIs. Their AIs can make connections between different thoughts, inspire new insights and ideas from memories and act as a catalyst in the co-creation of new content by providing options and rough drafts. Creators and their personal AIs working together results in a new network that supports and encourages new thinking, perspectives, and creation of value through the exchange of ideas. In an AI-powered omniverse, we can transport seamlessly between the digital and physical world using technologies such as AR/VR.

Creating a new solution using different technologies:
For us, creating digitals memory storage is about combining different ones like blockchain, AI, biometry, and others to exploit the full potential for creating digital storage of human memories. We believe that these key emerging technologies will deliver an augmented human experience that is characterized by ubiquitous capture, ambient intelligence, and natural interactions. The closer we come to mimicking human interaction, the closer we are to creating a digital copy of ourselves with all our memories.

But how does that work? The system layers in both implicit and explicit feedback into the data structure to assess and improve model performance. Further, it uses active learning techniques by engaging the users to give feedback on the subset of predictions to achieve greater accuracy. Considering each individual possesses a unique language pattern, to build a personal AI for each individual, Personal AI uses domain adapted machine learning models trained on the specific individual’s vocabulary and style. We use self-supervised learning on the users’ data and applies encoder-decoder architectures. 

The simulation of human intelligence in machines is not new. Artificial Intelligence refers to systems that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and iteratively improve themselves based on the information they collect. As the application of AI has moved from solving macro problems (e.g. indexing the whole internet) to micro problems (e.g. personalized recommendations of news feeds), the convergence of user centric principles and technological trends set the stage for us to create the next generation of AI to maximize individual value with individual model built on individual data.

Personal AI focuses on three prime aspects of artificial intelligence: privacy, fewer data per user and AI for personal use. To protect privacy, Personal AI’s infrastructure is centred on building user-specific pods by leveraging Oasis Labs’ blockchain technology. This allows encryption for data storage and enables a secured model execution.

Imagine a world where …

everyone has their own unique AIs. Imagine creators using their personal AIs to create greater access to their knowledge, skills, and creativity. Unlocking new value and utility from their minds. Imagine communities now being able to tap into the creative minds of their favorite creators to inspire new possibilities. Imagine that connection and collaboration being powered by blockchain, enabling creators and communities to build a new creative economy that creates value for everyone, not just big tech platforms.


We envision a living memory of the world that is being recorded by and accessible to all. Our goal is to create a digital version of the human mind as your own personal AI that you can interact with naturally and authentically. We could collaborate with digital Einstein, chat with Oprah, or debate with Bill Gates. Imagine what we can create with limitless access to anyone.

Hi, my name is Sharon Zhang …
and I began my journey in AI over 15 years ago in the CSAIL Lab at MIT focusing on clinical decision making, and since then I worked to advance the lives of humans and applied deep tech across healthcare, finance, enterprise, and consumer. I was founding NLP member at Nuance, streamlining medical record understanding at the rate of 2 billion records per year. Further I led the automation of heart disease prediction and hospital readmissions technology for Kaiser Permanente clinicians, achieving 90% accuracy.  At Parametros Capital, I developed neural network trading algorithms that predicted at nanosecond levels. Later, as Head of ML at Glint (later acquired by LinkedIn), I led the development of award-winning NLP-AI solutions for HR in enterprise, recognized by Nvidia. I hold over eight patents in AI/ML for multilingual NLP and memory data retention and recall. I am a member of the MIT San Diego Board and is an advocate for women and diversity in STEM and AI.